Vancouver-based startup Kabuni provides a community-driven marketplace that connects designers, makers and homeowners.

My Role

During my time in Kabuni I worked with the team responsible for all aspects of UI/UX and Front End development, including marketing emails, targeted landing pages. I was in charge of all CSS work (SASS + CSS3), and custom jQuery development.

I helped oversee the development and creation of a React-based web app, using modern front end technologies such as Gulp, Materialize CSS framework, as well as custom CSS3 development (CSS animations + keyframes).

I helped cover all aspects of customer-facing design and development to deliver production-ready, mobile-first UX and UI. During this time I was also been responsible for the co-management and mentoring of an overseas Front End team.

More importantly, I served as a liaison between the design team and the development team, coordinating, planning, designing and assessing all costumer facing views.

Pablo is a talented designer/developer and great to work with. He played a major role in launching a large E-Commerce site which contains massive catalog of products. He is not only good at design but also got incredible technical skills.

Harsha Kakumanu - Front End Lead

UI/UX Design Approach

Apart of being the co-lead of the development team (UI Dev Lead), I also wore the hat if UI/UX Designer. Our approach to design was:

Mobile First

We decided to use the mobile first approach since, very early in development and research, our clients were looking for a very seamless and intuitive approach for e-commerce. 


All of our design process was made with our user’s needs and feedback. From there we design all mockups, refine all designs, test our development and start again. This allowed us to quickly identify wins and loses in order to learn from them and build upon them.

Content First

Collaboration and communication with our copywriter was very important; ensuring that the copy delivered hit the right target and message and gave proper context in the journey of the user.


UI/UX Design Highlights

Kabuni User Cards


Kabuni User Boards


Next Big Designer

Collaborated with Kabuni’s Community Manager to design and develop a landing page for a contest held in Austin, Texas. The landing page resulted on an increase of 30% more app downloads and created a strong relationship between the organization and The American Society of Interior Designers.


Pablo was a pleasure to work with; he has a keen eye for details, highly professional and reliable. I would recommend anyone looking for a front end web person and UI/UX specialist to hire Pablo with his tremendous talent and can-do attitude.

Galya Westler, Plazus CEO - Kabuni’s Project Manager

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