Teehouse had a vision to create the best and most stylish B&B where visitors would like to return to. The name Teehouse comes from the neighboring golf course which residents from the B&B can play at during their stay.

My Approach

The very first thing I did is to ask the client who where the guests they where trying to attract, and create their personas. From there, we created a detailed moodboard and feel for the look of the B&B.


Look and Feel

From there I came up with a complete, more refined a colour palette as well as a complete branding environment.


The Landing Page

Having created all the look and feel I started to create some wireframes. I always do wireframes in pen and paper, I find that if I do it in the computer I get too attached to design that may or may not work.  Some of the points that Teeehouse and myself thought to be very important:

The main CTA should be the reserve now but without being to invasive (it might be very ‘pushy’).

The contact should be very easy to find

Show the facade of the B&B for easy identification.


Complete Landing page Design


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